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Which direction the world is going after oil? Let’s talk about where the world is going in the perspective of fuels. In this specific view, we believe that LNG; liquefied natural gas, could become a mainstream fuel for needs of marine transportation.

Why do we believe that?

LNG is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly option of the fossil fuels, which are available for marine transportation. This means that using LNG as a fuel, does not produce sulfur dioxide emissions. LNG is cleanest way to store energy of methane. And it releases less carbon dioxide than oil.

How this links to West Welding?

LNG is a natural gas, which has been condensed into a liquid form by cooling it to approximately -162 Celsius degrees. By doing this, its capacity decreases considerably and make it easier to storage and transport. As to storage and contain liquid, which has so low temperature, you got to have experience in cryogenics substances.

And we have that experience and know-how for design and manufacturing storage tanks for cryogenic substances.