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What is the alliance about?


The alliance aims to support the large-scale deployment of clean hydrogen technologies by 2030.

The alliance also aims to promote investments and stimulate clean hydrogen production and use. It is part of the EU’s efforts to ensure industrial leadership and accelerate the decarbonisation of industry in line with climate change objectives.

West Welding’s contribution to the alliance


West Welding will participate in the alliance by developing and providing industrial solutions to storage and distribute green hydrogen in industrial applications.  With access to the alliance’s meeting, we will better understand the developments in the field and be able to further develop our own products and services, based on project and investment needs.

West Welding’s previous experience from the field gives a good starting point for the development of hydrogen infrastructure. Our previous experience with hydrogen include ex.  delivering hydrogen sulphide reactor and repairing multiple hydrogen vessels. We understand hydrogen’s special abilities and the challenges in hydrogen storage and distribution.

West Welding is determined to develop welding and material engineering capabilities to address the challenges of hydrogen use in industrial applications (ex. hydrogen embrittlement) to help manufacture more sustainable, durable and safe hydrogen equipment to the EU area.