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West Welding is going to deliver two 700m3 LNG-tanks to the prime contractor Wärstilä. Wärtsilä offers a turnkey solution to Raahen Voima Oy for SSAB factory located in Raahe.

SSAB will get the liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks manufactured by West Welding Oy to their factory in Raahe. SSAB is currently taking part in the LNG-terminal project of Manga LNG Oy. Raahen Voima operating in the industrial area of Raahe, is going to replace some of its oil based fuels and SSAB is going to use natural gas instead of currently used propane to reduce emissions. Tanks delivered by Welding Oy are a vital part of this reform.

Wärtsilä made the order in 2016 and the production of the tanks is nearly finished as they will be ready for the delivery during the fall 2017. West Welding has engineered and manufactured the tanks based on customer’s initial specifications.

Both tanks are 35 meters long and the diameters are 6 meters. Traditionally LNG tanks are installed vertically but these tanks will be installed horizontally. This enables lower costs in terms of foundation. Horizontally installed tanks also make transportation and installation processes easier.

LNG is a cryogenic fuel and therefore requires storage at extremely low temperatures. That is why LNG tanks need special expertise in terms of storage. These tanks delivered by West Welding have a special isolation that insures longer storage time of LNG without additional cooling systems.

Instead of one bigger tank the order includes two smaller tanks. Having two tanks instead of one makes non-stop usage possible. To make installation and initialization easier the piping will be attached to tanks before delivering them to the factory.

The LNG tanks are engineered and manufactured according to demanding Finnish quality requirements to assure their long-lasting lifespan.


West Welding started developing LNG-technology in 2010. During these years, West Welding has delivered over 20 projects in LNG sector to the European and the US markets. These include both marine and onshore projects. Furthermore, West Welding delivered the piping and equipment installation to the first LNG-terminal in Finland. This terminal, located in Pori, belongs to Skangas Oy and the delivery was in 2016. West Welding is in collaboration as a subcontractor with turnkey prime contractor Wärtsilä to build the Manga LNG-terminal in Tornio. During the last couple of years West Welding has managed to climb up significantly among the large-sized LNG-tank manufacturers in Europe.