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What is 43 meters long and weighs 175 tons?




No. It is not a Blue whale, even though blue whale is the largest animal of the animal kingdom, and largest known animal to have ever existed.




Here comes the right answer:




It is Ammonia tank. Of course.

We design, manufacture, transport and install not only one but, two new ammonia tanks to our client. Single tank length is 43 meters, it weighs 175 tons and its diameter is approximately 6 meters.

So, the ammonia tank takes the first place to what comes to size – the tank is even 10-meter longer, than an adult blue whale. But there is one thing where blue whale beats up our vessel; average life span for blue whale is 80 years, when in turn lifetime of ammonia tank is about 30 years. This is due to the fact that ammonia is corrosive liquid and it is classified as an environmental poison.

For dangerous chemical such as ammonia, the quality requirements of the vessel are extremely high. Otherwise the poison could end up into environment and cause massive damage.

But we don’t let that happen.

We are currently working on this order and we will inform you more on this project later.