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West Welding will deliver a Hot Blast Stove to a Slovakian steel mill. The investment will improve the efficiency of steel processing and decrease the use of coke.

One of West Welding’s upcoming deliveries for next year is a 40-meter Hot Blast Stove. The Stove will be installed as part of the raw material processing unit. The function of the Stove is to blow extremely hot air (heated up to 1200 C°) into a Blast Furnace, where the smelting process takes place. Adding the Stove to the process will save energy and raw materials by using the heated air to maintain the temperature inside the Furnace.

The Hot Blast Stove is in the core of West Welding’s product base. West Welding has experience in delivering similar type of process equipment to steel mills. Most recent example of this is a Hot Blast Stove delivered to Sweden in 2019.

West Welding’s Hot Blast Stove project installation in Oxelösund, Sweden 2019.

Once assembled, the Stove will be massive in size – it will rise up to 40 meters and have a diameter of 9 meters. For comparison, our previous Stove delivery (seen in the picture above) is 34 meters high and has a diameter of 7 meters. The Stove will be delivered to the steel mill in Slovakia in the spring of 2021.