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West Welding Begins Renewal Works at Kemijoki Oy Petäjäskoski Power Plant

By 11.10.2021October 12th, 2023Energy, News

West Welding begins renewal works at the Kemijoki Oy Petäjäskoski power plant. Petäjäskoski is Kemijoki Oy’s largest hydroelectric power plant by its production capacity. West Welding delivers modern closing gates, manufactured according to 1090-EXC3-standard, for systems two and three to Kemijoki Oy, and also renews their hydraulic system. West Welding will manage the whole project from design to installation.

The upcoming project combines multiple actors and subcontractors. Project extends West Welding’s experience in domestic civil construction and as a supplier of large and demanding steel structures. West Welding started the project design in Summer 2021. First installations will begin in the spring 2022.

Investment and new cell structure

Commenting on the investment and supplier choice is Jukka Hahka, Project Manager at Kemijoki Oy: ”The current closing gates have served well but now it was time to do a larger investment instead of a repair. We are satisfied that West Welding is able to deliver closing gates, that they’ve designed according to current standards, and massive hydraulic cylinders as a turnkey solution. Thanks to the special structure of the gates and installation method, it will be possible to significantly reduce the downtime of the system.”

In the renewal of the closing gates also the structure of the gates is renewed.

”The old closing gates were installed back in the commissioning of the plant in 1950’s, and the technology has taken a leap forward since. The old ladder structure will be replaced with a modern cell structure, which for example better prevents corrosion. The new structure also fulfills today’s standards better”, describes Panu Perasto, Project Director at West Welding.

West Welding has gained experience of similar type of projects for example from delivering gates to Saimaa canal in Finland.

”Nowadays the requirements for civil construction in waterways are closer to pressure vessel standards than regular construction standards. That is also why this project suits us very well”, Perasto continues.

Installation in tight schedule

In installations time is always money and that is why the installation is performed in tight schedule.

”That is how we can minimize the break in electricity production”, describes Panu Perasto, Project Director at West Welding.

West Welding has experience from similar fast and demanding installations.

”Fast installations can be executed with careful planning and timing. We have done a lot of similar installations for pulp and paper industry”, Perasto continues.

The installation in demanding not only because of the fast schedule, but also because of heavy lifts needed in the project. The project consists of six closing gates, that together weigh around 330 tons. The massive gates will be lifted and replaced with same sized ones so there will be no need to refurbish the concrete structures of the dam.

Domesticity is an important value

In recent years, West Welding has been aiming to increase its operations in the renewable energy sector. Hydropower is a good example of domestic and clean energy production method, which is possible in many circumstances. Domesticity can be seen in West Welding’s own operation because West Welding’s pressure and process solutions are deserving of the key flag symbol thanks to utilizing a lot of domestic suppliers and workforce. Responsibility and domesticity are also important values to Kemijoki Oy that have been granted two keyflag symbols.


West Welding Oy shortly

West Welding is the supplier of a wide range of pressure and process solutions. West Welding has secured its position in the field as one of the top experts in large-scale industry in Finland. Our wide range of services includes leading various kinds of pressure and process equipment projects from design and manufacturing to succesful delivery and installation.

Kemijoki Oy shortly

Kemijoki Oy is a significant renewable energy producer in Finland. The total capacity of Kemijoki Oy’s hydropower plants exceeds 1100 MW, which equals to around third of all the hydropower produced in Finland.

Image: Kemijoki Oy archive

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