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Follow the lead of Metsä Board Kaskinen Pulp Mill – order the entire package from West Welding

You probably know West Welding Oy as a manufacturer. Or probably you know us for engineering.

Heat exchanger to Metsä Board Kaskinen pulp mill.

Heat exchanger to Metsä Board Kaskinen pulp mill.

In any case you are right: we manufacture, and we design our products.

But did you know that we also provide project services such as transporting, lifting and dismantling & installation?

Now you know.

We provide all the services you need – from start to finish.

Our client Metsä Board Kaskinen, has ordered a new heat exchanger from us. In this project we draw the design, manufacture the product, transport it to the client, disassembling the old heat exchanger and replace it with the brand-new one.

The heat exchanger is specialized for needs of pulp paper industry. It is fair to say that we do not just copied the old model. In the new design, we upgraded the heat exchanger to meet current process needs.

We will later inform you more about this project, so stay in touch for the full story.