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Steel structure design

Demanding steel structures

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Steel structure design

Demanding steel structures

Our strong experience in pressure equipment design allows us to design demanding steel structures. We design and manufacture load-bearing steel structures that adhere to the European standard (EN 1090-1:2009) in accordance with even the EXC3 execution class.

When designing large and heavy steel structures, the question of organising logistics and installation often arises. We have conducted many of the largest and heaviest transports in Finland. Thanks to our company’s operating model, we are able to take into account manufacturing and logistical matters from the very beginning of the design process. Our business model, which relies on cooperation between design and manufacturing, ensures that practice and theory go hand in hand.

In our deliveries, we rely on long prefabrication and careful planning, which significantly reduces the resources needed for installation. The finished steel structures can be delivered as highly refined or ready-to-install units, which saves the customer time and money.

Steel structure design for hydropower projects

Our experience with large pressure equipment is an absolute advantage in hydraulic engineering because both deal with high pressures. For example, a typical dam structure is subjected to hydrostatic pressure due to the weight of the water, which corresponds to a total weight of several thousand tonnes. In design, we are able to take into account the effect of these factors on the structure, right down to technical manufacturing matters.

We have designed demanding steel structures, especially for bridge and hydropower infrastructure projects. We have also designed steel floodgates and sluice gates for hydropower plants. View our video of the summer 2022 installation, where we delivered and installed three large closing gates for a Finnish customer.

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Installation of Large Closing Gates to a Finnish Hydropower plant

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Maintenance platforms as part of comprehensive design

Comprehensive services that are available under the same roof facilitate the smooth running of projects. That is why we design the necessary maintenance platforms, walking platforms, stairs and ladders in connection with the overall design of projects.

The advantage of comprehensive design is that there is no need to coordinate the work of several operators. This way, the customer’s schedule and budget are not exceeded due to unexpected additional work. The quote can be made to cover the entire project, which makes it easy to predict costs.

Ideally, maintenance platform design should start at the same time as other project planning. Ask more about other comprehensive design services that we offer in connection with projects.

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Our company combines a long history of pressure equipment and steel structure design and comprehensive project implementation. Read more about the benefits of combining design and manufacturing.

Pressure equipment design

Our company has long experience in demanding pressure equipment deliveries. We design large, heavy, high-pressure, heavily loaded or welded equipment from special materials with professionalism.

Comprehensive design

Comprehensive design makes the customer’s life easier when all project design services are placed under one roof.