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Pressure equipment design

Demanding pressure equipment

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Pressure equipment design

Demanding pressure equipment

Long experience is an asset in the design of demanding pressure equipment. In our operations, we rely on know-how accumulated over almost 40 years of equipment deliveries in various industries. We design large, heavy, high-pressure, heavily loaded or welded equipment from special materials with professionalism.

All pressure equipment is designed to suit the customer’s needs. We can design equipment according to both EN and ASME standards.

What must be taken into account when designing pressure equipment?

What must be taken into account when designing pressure equipment?

1. Sufficient initial information

Sufficient initial information not only speeds up the design process but also helps to avoid expensive repair investments in the future. When the basic information is in order, the correct material choices and strengths can significantly increase the years of uninterrupted use of the equipment.

2. Industry and process-specific loads

Industry and process-specific loads must be taken into account already during the initial design stages. Understanding the effects of internal and external forces on structures is essential in the design of pressure equipment. For example, pressure, cyclic loading, corrosive substances and high or low temperatures in the process set special requirements for the design.

3. Conformity

Pressure equipment designed and manufactured according to requirements meets regional laws and directives. The Finnish Pressure Equipment Act (1144/2016) and the Pressure Equipment Directive set special requirements, which we follow in the design process.

The CE marking also guarantees that the equipment has been designed in accordance with EU safety requirements and that compliance has been verified by a third party. We CE mark our finished pressure equipment in the EU and EEA area.

4. High-quality final documentation

High-quality final documentation ensures the safe use and maintenance of the pressure equipment. Its importance is emphasised especially in the use, maintenance, repair or modification of the pressure equipment. We always ensure that our documentation is clear and sufficient.

Comprehensive design

With comprehensive design, we offer additional designs that can be built around the main equipment we supply. These include the design of pipelines or steel structures, such as maintenance platforms. The design of large entities is also possible in connection with our equipment, combining electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic design.

Efficiency for project implementation

Acquiring the project’s different design services from the same operator saves time and resources – when one operator has all the necessary information, the project progresses more smoothly. Our comprehensive design services make planning and project management easier for the customer by offering all design services under one roof. The customer is freed from coordinating different interfaces and dealing with multiple operators. We take care of the procurement and coordination of the different parts of the project for you and turn the project into an easily manageable entity.

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Our company combines a long history of pressure equipment and steel structure design and comprehensive project implementation. Read more about the benefits of combining design and manufacturing.

Steel structure design

Our strong experience in pressure equipment design allows us to design demanding steel structures. We design and manufacture load-bearing steel structures that adhere to the European standard (EN 1090-1:2009) in accordance with the EXC3 execution class.

Comprehensive design

Comprehensive design makes the customer’s life easier when all project design services are placed under one roof.