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Comprehensive design

Efficiency for project implementation

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Comprehensive design

Efficiency for project implementation

Acquiring the project’s different design services from the same operator saves time and resources – when one operator has all the necessary information, the project progresses more smoothly. Our comprehensive design services make planning and project management easier for the customer by offering all design services under one roof. The customer is freed from coordinating different interfaces and dealing with multiple operators. We take care of the procurement and coordination of the different parts of the project for you and turn the project into an easily manageable entity.

Tailored designs delivered with the main equipment

With comprehensive design, we offer additional designs that can be built around the main equipment we supply. These include the design of pipelines or steel structures, such as maintenance platforms. The design of large entities is also possible in connection with our equipment, combining electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic design. In electrical design, we can design, for example, the electrification of actuators, sensors, grounding, trace heating and cable racks.

  • Piping design
  • Electrical design
  • Pneumatics and hydraulics design
  • Instrumentation design
  • Steel structure design (e.g. maintenance platforms)


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Piping design for the needs of industry and the energy sector

The success of piping design is of central importance for the uninterrupted and safe operation of the process. Our solid background as an equipment designer in the process industry gives us good prerequisites for piping design.

Our expertise in the mining and mineral industry as well as the paper and pulp industry gives us a comprehensive understanding of various processes, including the loads placed on pipelines. We carry out the mechanical or process design of pipelines together with our partners.

We design, for example, process pipe systems or main pipe routes between main equipment in accordance with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). If necessary, we will also take care of piping supports.

Piping design has a significant impact on the overall design of a plant. That is why it is important to start the design process early. Contact us to discuss your piping needs.

LNG and hydrogen piping design

West Welding has more than 10 years of experience in pipeline design in LNG projects. We have designed several pipelines for various on-shore and off-shore processes, such as the vaporisation, bunkering and use of LNG.

We also design pipelines intended for hydrogen. Due to the properties of hydrogen, hydrogen pipelines require constant maintenance. Hydrogen pipelines can be designed to be resistant to high pressure, while also being easy to maintain.

Maintenance platform design as part of comprehensive design services

Comprehensive services that are available under the same roof facilitate the smooth running of projects. That is why we design the necessary maintenance platforms, walking platforms, stairs and ladders in connection with the overall design of projects.

The advantage of comprehensive design is that there is no need to coordinate the work of several operators. This way, the customer’s schedule and budget are not exceeded due to unexpected additional work. The quote can be made to cover the entire project, which makes it easy to predict costs.

Ideally, maintenance platform design should start at the same time as other project planning. Ask more about other comprehensive design services that we offer.

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Our company combines a long history of pressure equipment and steel structure design and comprehensive project implementation. Read more about the benefits of combining design and manufacturing.

Pressure equipment design

Our company has long experience in demanding pressure equipment deliveries. We design large, heavy, high-pressure, heavily loaded or welded equipment from special materials with professionalism.

Steel structure design

Our strong experience in pressure equipment design allows us to design demanding steel structures. We design and manufacture load-bearing steel structures that adhere to the European standard (EN 1090-1:2009) in accordance with the EXC3 execution class.