Pressurised storage tanks

Pressurised storage tanks are intended for the storage of liquids or gaseous substances. 

West Welding delivers customized pressurised tanks that are suitable for storing many kinds of substances. We pay special attention to the design and manufacture of the storage of dangerous substances. 

  • Carbon dioxide storage tanks
  • Hydrogen storage tanks
  • Ammonia storage tanks
  • Methane storage tanks

Storage tanks can be designed to any operating pressure starting from no pressure. The maximum operating pressures of the tanks West Welding has designed, have been 300 bars. In terms of weight, we can manufacture storage tanks up to 320 tons. Read more about our maximum capacities in manufacturing

We also deliver cryogenic pressurised tanks suitable for extremely low operating temperatures. More information is available on the Cryogenic pressure tanks and equipment page.


West Welding provides columns for different process control purposes. We mainly provide columns for large-scale distillation and extraction processes.  Our clients include, for example, metal and oil refinery industries as well as chemical and mining industries.

  • Stripping columns
  • Distillation columns


West Welding designs and manufactures reactors to meet the needs of several different industries. We manufacture reactors from diverse materials up to extremely high material strengths (80–200 mm). We have delivered reactors to be used, for example, by the paper and chemical pulp industries as well as chemical and mining industries. The delivered products include:

  • Bleaching reactors
  • Chemicals industry reactors
  • Hydrogen sulphide generators
  • High- and low-pressure separators
  • Bioreactors

Hydraulic accumulators

West Welding designs and manufactures advanced hydraulic accumulators for process control purposes. We deliver, for example, hydraulic accumulators under cyclic loading that are designed to withstand major variations in pressure. The high standards set for hydraulic accumulators are considered in the material strengths as well as in the monitoring of manufacture. Our satisfied clientele consists mainly of demanding process industry companies. The delivered products include:

  • Steam accumulators
  • Buffer vessels