Cryogenic tanks and equipment

Cryogenics is the branch of physics that deals with the behaviour of substances at very low temperatures (below -80 °C). Cold temperatures set requirements for the materials used in manufacturing as well as for the welding process. We deliver cryogenic pressure tanks and equipment for the storage and processing of cold liquid gases. We manufacture equipment for the following chemical elements and compounds:

  • Liquid oxygen (O2), LOX
  • Liquid carbon dioxide (CO2), COX
  • Liquid nitrogen (N2), NOX
  • Liquid methane (CH4), i.e. LNG
  • Liquid hydrogen (H2), LH

Our clients come from many different fields, such as the chemicals industry, manufacturing industry, food industry as well as paper and chemical pulp industry.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks

In order to support sustainable development, we need new and more energy-efficient solutions utilising renewable raw materials and more environmentally friendly substances as fuel. The use of liquefied natural gas or LNG as fuel significantly reduces harmful emissions released into the atmosphere.

Our products benefit both land traffic as well as marine traffic. We manufacture large fuel containers and piping systems suitable for the storage and distribution of liquefied natural gas. We also design and manufacture large, pressurised terminal tanks and other larger LNG storage tanks required by the industry.

West Welding is one of the few companies that design and manufacture LNG solutions in Europe. We have a long history on the field since we have supplied LNG fuel containers and modules for 10 years, including to passenger ships, Ropax vessels and cruise ships.

Extremely cold temperature (-165 ⁰C) is required to liquify natural gas, which sets requirements for the natural gas storage materials. Structures manufactured from austenitic stainless steel or nickel steel can be used to store LNG.

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