Viafin shows again its capability to customize LNG tanks as Viafin West Welding Oy delivers a LNG tank to Cryonorm for their marine fuel system on the state of the art dredger being built in the Netherlands.

This IMO C-type tank is engineered and manufactured according to IGF -code and it will be used as a fuel tank in the new dredger owned by Van Der Kamp. Before the manufacturing process, DNV-GL supervised and inspected the engineering work according to DNV-GL rules for classification. This delivery highlights the ability of Viafin to customize its products to customer needs.

The dredger operates in the European canals and harbor areas. The weight of the tank was an extremely important factor in the engineering and manufacturing processes in order to dredge also in the shallow canals and to work as efficiently as possible. The material choices were one of the key points to achieve the required lightness of the tank. The material is in fact now being used on the marine environment for the first time.


In addition to the lightness, the shape of the tank is also one of the specialties of the design work. Almost ball like shape is the optimal structure in terms of lightness, capacity and the ratio of isolation surface area to capacity. The delivery also included installation of a re-gas module, and for the installation of this module, Viafin manufactured an additional tank room to the side of the tank. These operations ensured that the whole fuel system can be lifted as one unit and the installation process is as easy as possible.

The diameter of the tank is bigger than usually: 7,7 meters. Thanks to Viafin West Welding’s production facilities the larger diameter was not a problem, which again highlights the customization abilities of Viafin. The location of Viafin West Welding workshop enables that the large and heavy units can be easily transported to the harbor.

As well as the other LNG projects of Viafin, this project shows that the delivery speed, the ability to customize and the experience gained are Viafin’s absolute strengths in LNG projects.