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West Welding has made a contract about the delivery of a Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Reactor. The Reactor is designed for a client in the Mining industry and will be used as part of a chemical process.

The reactor is designed to endure hard chemical stress and high temperatures. That is why the manufacturing material for this project will be special grade super austenitic stainless steel, which combined contains nearly 50% nickel and chrome. The super austenitic stainless steel will be exclusively produced for this project.

The project will be carried out following the European Pressure Vessel Directive (PED) and its standard (EN13445), but there are also additional requirements that have been set higher than the standard. One of West Welding’s capabilities is specializing in this of this type of customized projects that require special expertise and widescale knowledge of different types of pressure equipment.

“To my knowledge there are only five similar kind of reactors in the world. Working with special grade materials is challenging, it takes years of expertise in the field to acquire the needed skillset, says CEO Janne Halonen.

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