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Yara Siilinjärvi Finland got a new phosphoric acid evaporator delivered by West Welding. New equipment replaces the old installation at Yara’s phosphoric plant.

West Welding delivered a full package of services, including engineering, dimensioning according to new regulations, fabrication and installation of the evaporator.

Dimensions of the evaporator were large, which suites well for production setup in Teuva.

Evaporator will be in demanding use as it will store acid vapor inside it. To extend the lifetime of the evaporator and to carry out thermo-chemical loads exposed on it, the evaporator has been rubberized from inside. Rubberizing is just one of the cladding options West Welding can provide. Rubberizing also needed special attention, as it might occur that evaporator will experience a certain degree of vacuum over the time in use.

After careful testing and inspections for the equipment, it was transported to Siilinjärvi and installed on its place.

West Welding is specialized in high demanding pressure equipment. We are known for the ability to deliver equipment of valuable materials like Titanium, alloys and special grades of Stainless steels.

West Welding also has extensive coating options for equipment made of basic metal applications such as clad-welding and rubberizing and other sprayed coating system, as shown in this Yara case.