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CCS project in Brevik, Norway – Manufacturing of Waste Heat Recovery units reaches halfway mark with excellent quality remarks

By 4.11.2021September 4th, 2023CCS, Green technology, News

Image: The manufacturing of the Waste Heat Recovery Units reached a 50% completeness milestone at West Welding’s production site.


Aker Carbon Capture shall deliver a CO₂ capture plant to the Norcem plant in Brevik, which will be world’s first, full-scale CO2-capture facility at a cement factory.  The CCS plant will be able to capture 400,000 tonnes of CO2 yearly and is expected to start operation in 2024.

West Welding is working in the project together with Aker Solutions and Norsk Energi and manufacturing nine Waste Heat Recovery Units that have now reached a 50 % completion milestone.

The Waste Heat Recovery Units generate steam by recovering heat in the hot flue gas from the cement process. This steam is the main power source for the carbon capture process.

Jo Borchsenius, Technical Responsible at Norsk Energi comments on the collaboration with West Welding:

“The collaboration with West Welding has been beyond my expectation. Their technical know-how as well as quality of documentation has impressed me so far.”

Efficient manufacturing without compromising quality

The manufacturing of the Waste Heat Recovery Units started in June this year.

Thomas Haugan, Project Manager at Aker Solutions shared his views about the project:

“The project is pleased to see the good performance and cooperation to ensure that these Waste Heat Recovery Units will be delivered according to plan and our quality expectations.”

The project has progressed efficiently and received high quality notes describes Joni Kangasmäki, Quality Manager at West Welding:

“We have managed to stay on schedule and meet our goals in terms of quality. We’ve taken over 342 x-ray film tests and in all inspected welds only one has needed corrective measures”, Kangasmäki states.


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