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Solutions for large industrial processes

Industrial pressure and process equipment

West WeldingServices

West Welding is an expert in demanding industrial solutions. We design, manufacture and install custom pressure equipment including pressure vessels, process equipment and tanks required for large industrial processes. We specialise in large pressure equipment with high quality standards. Our satisfied customers include companies in the process and energy industries.


Company known for its quality and delivery reliability

West Welding has secured its position among Finland’s top experts in large-scale industry. Founded in 1983 in Teuva, West Welding supplies industrial pressure and process equipment and large containers. We have delivered to satisfied customers in more than 20 countries on five continents.


Extensive service

We offer our customers extensive service. Our services include design, manufacturing, transport and installation. According to our clients’s needs we also offer life cycle services.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks

In order to support sustainable development, we need new and more energy-efficient solutions utilising renewable raw materials and more environmentally friendly substances as fuel. The use of liquefied natural gas or LNG as fuel significantly reduces harmful emissions released into the atmosphere.

Our products benefit both land traffic as well as marine traffic. We manufacture large fuel containers and piping systems suitable for the storage and distribution of liquefied natural gas. We also design and manufacture large, pressurised terminal tanks and other larger LNG storage tanks required by the industry.

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